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About Us


Kalf was founded in 1970, initially producing leather footwear and injected plastic soles.

Considering the knowledge acquired, it went on manufacturing other injected plastic products, including saddles for bicycles. After a while, it became aware of the magnitude of the bicycle market and it started to produce accessories and aluminum frames. The company also produces parts for the fitness industry and auto parts (seat armrest). In 2005, Kalf was certified ISO 9001-2000 stamp, confirming the quality of all its products and services.

Located in São Caetano do Sul, in ABC Paulista region, the company now owns two buildings and employs approximately 130 people. It currently has a production volume of 400,000 components monthly.

Kalf products are distributed throughout the country and some other countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua and Morocco.


The word “quality” is completely related to the concept of Kalf regarding both the company and the product.

The company's certification ensures the quality of Kalf products, as well as all procedures involved in its industrialization and commercialization. Furthermore, the company believes that the quality of work and internal communication are crucial.

The company production is directly associated with bicycles. This contributes to physical health which promotes greater contact and interaction with nature. Environmentally friendly means of transportation contributes to environment preservation by not emitting pollutants. Kalf is proud of serving and helping a segment that is synonymous of quality of life.


KALF is always analyzing trends and demands and thus can produce products that meet market needs and surprising as novelties.

The company has a great advantage that are the direct channels of collection of views with the users of bicycles, indicating improvements in the products.

From concept to the shelf, the products pass through the hands of highly skilled professionals such as draftsman, designers, toolmakers, engineers, etc.., and are tested and approved by machines and users.

All production is developed taking into account the comfort and safety of the consumer to ride.